Autosuggestion (Techniques) – that can change your LIFE!

Autosuggestion (Techniques) – that can change your LIFE!

The program we are recommending is not new nor impossible. Quite the opposite. It all depends upon yourselves, your desire, will and patience. It is assumed that the subconscious mind which is the house of desires, weakness and fears is opposite to the conscious mind in which thoughts, memories and intellect dwell.

What is hiding in the human mind?

In the insides of the human head lives the most sophisticated computer that has ever been made. This is a bio-computer which according to scientists contains 10-13 billion neurons that are analyzing, arranging, keeping and transmitting information that come from the outer world and the body- every centimeter square from the human body is connected to the brain.

The human mind is similar to the contemporary electronic computer in terms of its functioning. In order for the electronic computer to work, it must have a software and be programmed correctly. If our electronic computer is programmed properly then the computer will work well, if not then it will have a problem and the programmer will have to reprogram the computer the right way.

Our human brain, which we may call our bio-computer works the same way. The brain itself is not defectively created (except in some rare congenital cases), it is the way we use our brain, the programs we have installed in it, that is wrong and causes problems. In other words, if we want our life to be filled with love and happiness then we need to reprogram our mind. With properly programmed mind we can make heaven out of this world and with badly programmed- HELL!

The source of our suffering

We should not look for the causes of our own misfortune elsewhere, but in our own mental program. If we make an effort, with the right approach we can reprogram the mental program. The first thing to know is that any search for happiness outside of oneself is a futile search. The search should be directed deep within where true peace of mind, joy and wisdom exist. What you think – you become!

The power of self- suggestion

The simplest way to remove the things that keep our minds tense and at the same time block out the negative external influences that bother us – is the power of suggestion used as self- suggestion. The basis for successful self- suggestion is the deep desire for change and the will, without which self- suggestion will hardly be successful. You must truly love to change deep from your heart, and always return to the need for change.

People often expect a lot, and yet are not willing to invest the necessary time, effort, love to achieve success in a given goal. For example, if you want to heal, how willing are you to invest your thoughts, emotions and time to achieve the goal? Are you ready to repeat every day that you are healthy, happy, filled with love? Believe that no one else will do it for you!

Everyone can be their own healer if they put the necessary effort, time and will to eliminate the problem. The main cause of almost all diseases is the program of the mind. There are countless examples of successful self-healing of very serious diseases with the help of self- suggestion: reprogramming your mind, introducing positive thoughts, prayers to God, and thus doing good deeds to yourself and the environment.


The sentence you choose for self- suggestion is perhaps the most important thing. The sentence should always be said in PRESENT tense. Avoid negative sentences and future tenses. For example: you don’t say – “from tomorrow on, my hand will not hurt” , but you say: “my hand is healthy, today … now!” The universe works now!

The shape of the sentence is in fact a SECRET KEY that opens the door to the subconscious, in which lies the self-suggestive power to achieve the desired results. The best effect on the subconscious is also during sleep. While we sleep, the activities of the conscious mind subside and at that moment the subconscious is activated.

Therefore, the recommended time to apply the self-suggestion is before going to bed and immediately after waking up while you are still in bed. It is therefore advisable not to go to bed angry, disappointed, nervous, dissatisfied, etc., because all those negative programs will continue to manifest in the dream world.

Therefore, always go to bed with positive thoughts and ideas for a better life, better health, not only for yourself but for all beings in existence in the universe. You can also use a prayer because the prayer itself carries positive vibrations. When you come up with a sentence that you want to put into the subconscious – it must be precise.

When you go to bed, repeat it several times or whisper it softly, if conditions allow. Try to transfer your desire to the dream. You need to believe that through dreams your goals or healings will be achieved. In the morning, before getting out of bed, you need to repeat the whole exercise. In this way you can fulfill almost all of your desires, of course which are in the domain of your spirit and body, such as improving your character, strengthening your will, healing and so on.

Do not proceed so easily to formulate a new wish, if the old one is not fulfilled. (and remember here – desires and goals can be realized in a form or in a way different from the one you want or have imagined.) If you do this exercise seriously and systematically – you will see the power of self-suggestion that affects you and your life and you will apply this valuable method throughout your life!

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