The Age of Aquarius! – welcome! (or is it too early?)

The Age of Aquarius! – welcome! (or is it too early?)

The Age of Aquarius: Mankind is in front of something very BIG. The age of Aquarius is on our doorstep. The dice is thrown! Especially from a finer one – a spiritual perspective of things. There are many theories as to when the Aquarius Age begins. Some say it has not started yet, some that it started on December 21, 2020. Оthers that we have already entered the middle of the new era, and still others that we have yet to enter.

First thing first, I have to share with you my personal experience on December 21, 2020. During the meditation with Aquarius lately that night, I had really extreme visions. First, I saw a large galaxy (like our Milky Way) spinning counterclockwise. I think it marks a transition from the age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. Second, I think it represents a transition from an era of mysticism, chaotic feelings to an era of practical knowledge and wisdom. The final release.

Which of these theories is correct? I personally think that maybe everyone is right in some way, but that the main word will have us, humans, as individuals, but also as the whole of humanity, ie the beginning of a new era will depend on how much we will raise our awareness to be able to enter a new era that is already here!

Nothing is the same as before. Everything is changing at the speed of light, both man and society, and the world in which he lives. Norms and morals are slowly disappearing, all known hierarchies and bureaucratic structures will slowly but surely collapse, the illusion in all possible aspects of life is slowly being revealed.

The Age of Aquarius: Do we know the beginning of spiritual transformation?

But if we do a touch more research on the start of the new change, we’ll see that there are quite significant differences. The International Astronomical Union says it’s 2601. Astrology says that 2375 is that the year of transition and Rudolf Steiner marks 3574 because of the beginning of the Aquarius era. Which year is correct? Who can say?

Astronomical and astrological answers

Different calculations have their origins in several starting points about the start of the Age of Aquarius. The IAU has an astronomical basis.

Their calculations are supported by projections of the physical constellations of the ecliptic. The ecliptic is that the surface of the Earth’s orbit along which it revolves around the Sun, an imaginary boundary that forms an outsized circle, the equinoctial circle.

The angle between the Earth’s equator and therefore the plane of the ecliptic is 23.5 degrees. The projection of the twelve signs of the zodiac, therefore, covers different segments of the ecliptic.

Astrologers, on the opposite hand, start from the idea that the equinoctial circle is split into twelve equal segments, each of 30 degrees, which structure the astrological zodiac.

Both of those approaches don’t agree on the range of zodiac signs, and, therefore, within the calculations, different results are reached regarding the start of the Aquarius Age.

Astrosophy’s  point of view

On the other hand, Rudolf Steiner and Jan van Reikenborg showed a completely different approach to the Aquarius Era. Although both, in principle, have an astro-sophical perspective of facts, their dates differ by 1666. To solve this mystery, one should not look at the sky but look at the person.

When does a person’s life begin?  When is the first movement in the uterus? The time of the physical birth? Or does a person really enter the world only when he matures and becomes a member of society? The answer also depends on the perspective of the observer. Jan van Reikenborg and Rudolf Steiner differ in their views on the Age of Aquarius.

To illustrate this, it is important to note that the aquarium impulse comes from space. One can respond to this influence in three ways: through his mind, body his soul. Everything that drives a man comes from his mind/soul.

The aquarium impulse manifests itself in the collective mind of humanity first as an idea. At first, this idea remains only abstract and without emotional or psychic energy. At that stage, one only thinks, speaks, and writes about a new idea.

Some people, who are pioneers, react immediately to a new impulse, while others recognize it only later, clinging more to old ideas. If the new idea becomes strong enough over time, then it is revealed on a mental/spiritual level. Man adopts it as his own and revives it. That’s how it gained strength.

The idea gradually becomes a determining factor in his life. And then comes the third step: man acts. He uses his dynamic will and begins to grasp the idea with full consciousness. He turns spiritual impulses into action. Until then, a new impulse radiates from the cosmos and the old ideas and structures return again to turmoil.

to be continued…


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