What is a Dream? (definition and real meaning)

What is a Dream? (definition and real meaning)

What is a Dream? (definition and real meaning). Dear readers. Dreams are one of the most interesting topics I have always wanted to explore. I think this is one of the most important things in people’s lives that is very little researched. In this first article related to dreams, I will give you an official definition of the topic of dreams.

Anofficial knowledge available to all. In the following articles, I will to try to represent a different picture for what dream really means, through my personal experience. Also, in some of the following writings on this topic, I will share with you all my research related to sleep. Here we will share information and knowledge on the topic of dreams from the very first appearance of manhood to the present day.

Dream – What is Dream? (definition and real meaning) – a succession of images, ideas, sensations and feelings that appear during sleep. The content and purpose of dreams cannot be fully understood, although they have been the subject of interest throughout history. The scientific discipline that deals with dreams is known as oneirology, and the interpretation of dreams is called oneiromancy.

What is Dream? (definition and real meaning):The content of dreams

Calvin Hull collected more than 50,000 dream reports from Western Reserve University from 1940 to 1985. In 1966, Hull and Van de Castel published Dream Content Analysis.  That is a which a coding system for studying 1,000 reports of university students’ dreams.

People around the world are dreaming almost the same things. That study is proving that. Hull’s protégés, William Domhoff, made full reports of Hull’s dreams. He made it available to the public in the mid-1990s, allowing for a variety of analyzes.

Dreams usually include our personal experience from the last day or last week.

Feelings (What is Dream? (definition and meaning)

People can experience mix feelings during their dream time. Most common feeling in the dream world are: joy, happiness, discomfort, restlessness, loneliness, fear and many, many others. Me personally believe that dreams are like endless vault or vast ocean of feelings.

Sexual topics

Hull’s analysis showed that dreams that have sexual topics, do not happen more than 10 percent of the time and are more often in middle teens. Another study discover that 8% of dreams of men and women have sexual content. In some rare cases, sexual dreams can result in a sexual release. These dreams are known as erotic dreams.

Recurring dreams

On one hand, people usually dream unique and authentic dreams, than can happen only once. On the other hand, many people reported that they sometimes dream the same dream many times. This phenomena is calling – the recurring dreams.

The Recurring dreams are very interesting and sometimes not so pleasant thing that can make people gone crazy.  Also it has been an inspiration for many movies and cartoons through out history. A repeating dream often means something that is not finished and it is stalking us. We must finish the mission or be moreaware of it and eventually it will stop! More for this amazing phenomena you will find here on this website in the later articles related to dreams.

Most common topics

Content dream analysis has shown that some of the most common topics appear in dreams. These include:

  • school situations,
  • harassment
  • slow running somewhere
  • falling
  • being late

Also the death of a living person or a dead person appearing as alive, tooth loss, flying.

We dream a lot some future events such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc. . (with different scenarios), unpleasant moments, falling in love with a stranger, disappointment with the examination, inability to move, inability to focus, traffic accidents, being accused of a crime you did not commit, accidentally realizing that you are naked, going to the toilet and many others.


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